Employee Turnover

It Costs How Much?

Take money wasted on employee paperwork
and put it to work for you. Produce your
product rather than producing paperwork.

Manage People

Not paper

No company measures success by the amount of paperwork created. 321Forms helps you succeed in obtaining and retaining talented employees, not in creating profitless piles of paper.

Multiple Business Locations?

One Elegant, Easy and Intuitive Solution.

We bring your multiple locations into one graceful and effective HR solution. One solution for all your locations.

You Can Automate Onboarding

But You Can't Outsource It.

You only have one shot at making a positive first experience when you onboard a new employee. Use that time effectively training them rather than wasting their time repeatedly filling out the same information.

Tight Budget & Limited Staff?

We Can Help!

Imagine using the time spent filling out redundant and frustrating forms better
by giving new employees a great start. Teach them about your business culture
rather than burying them in clutter and they will stay with you longer.

Paperwork is the Enemy

Defeat the Enemy

The piles grow and threaten your space. When the pile achieves
sufficient height, gravity and altitude, it will kill your productivity.
With that loss of productivity comes loss of time and loss of sanity.

321Forms is an easy, intuitive and inviting solution for onboarding new employees.

321Forms is a secure web service that offers
online new hire paperless processing
for your new hires, status changes, and open enrollment forms.


We all know that piles of paperwork on your desk can be a hassle, but did you know that this could be costing your business thousands of dollars every year?

Fill out the Cost Calculator to see how much money you are spending on your employees' HR paperwork each year.

For employees with benefits, add 30% to New Hire Hourly Wage and HR Staff Hourly Wage
For calculator assistance contact us at 435-752-9129.

How are these costs estimated?

These time and supply costs are based on estimates gathered from HR staff at a variety of businesses. Your company's actual costs may differ based on regional variations.

Focus on People, Not Paperwork

Sports Club Saves Time: Part 1

Sports Club Saves Time: Part 2

Elegant Solutions

As an HR professional we know you work your first shift in your office in the daytime and your second shift in your home in the nighttime. You never have the time you need to get caught up, let alone to get ahead, so that you have the time to implement your great ideas.

We can help!

We understand the demon that is paperwork. We understand that repeatedly filling out the same information when you onboard new employees is a waste of their time, your time and the company's money. Give us a call so we can show you how to put that time and money to work by reducing the paperwork redundancy.

321Forms is an easy, intuitive and inviting solution for onboarding new employees.

For many organizations, much of their new employee orientation time is taken up filling out required forms such as the Form I-9, the W-4, direct deposit, health insurance forms, life insurance forms, company handbook acknowledgements, the uniform policy, etc.

There is a better way! A way that will not cause more frustration than it solves.

Unlike using a pen and paper, or scanning software, 321Forms makes it easy for HR professionals to populate, distribute and retrieve employee paperwork. Best of all, employees only answer each question once within their onboarding packet. We help remove the frustration of redundant entries as all forms are populated and signed electronically, and are then viewable in legible, familiar PDF formats.

Onboarding Simplified with

321Forms will enhance your employee onboarding experience

Your new hires can jump on 321Forms.com even before their first day on the job and complete all of your organization's new hire paperwork at their convenience. They can save their work if they need to find information and return once they're ready to complete the submission.

This leaves your employees prepared for their first day and frees up more of your time to effectively orient them to your company and its culture. You can now discuss your employee referral program and employee orientation program, give job specific training and get each new hire onboarded in a timely and effective manner.

321Forms saves you time & money - not to mention headaches - while allowing you to focus on your people, not on their paperwork.

After your employees enter their information ONCE using 321Forms, you receive: legible, complete, electronically signed and dated forms.

Our employee onboarding software is intuitive for new hires to use. Help Buttons located throughout the system will answer their questions and give your employees confidence throughout the process.

321Forms helps you give each new employee a great initial experience.

And after all, time is money. Try our cost calculator to see how much money you are spending.

What are the benefits for
HR Staff?

  • Review/retrieve forms with the click of a button.
  • Reduce cost of paper, printing, folders and storage.
  • Improve risk management and compliance.
  • Spend more time on strategic HR activities.
  • Electronic storage makes open enrollment a snap.
  • Print forms on demand.
  • Eliminate errors with accurate, LEGIBLE PDF forms.

What are the benefits for

  • Questions are asked just once, reducing errors.
  • Secure password-protected accounts.
  • Save data at any step & return when convenient.
  • Status changes and open enrollment are a snap.
  • Help buttons throughout the system.
  • Electronic signature and submission.
  • Printed forms are available on demand.







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How Much Can You Save with 321Forms

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