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Employee onboarding software makes new hire paperwork easy. 321 forms simplifies form completion by empowering your employees to complete their paperwork online, legibly and without redundancy. With electronic signatures, unlimited online storage, and on-demand printing, our secure, robust onboarding user experience saves you time, money and headaches. Does your open enrollment feel like a circus? We can simplify that too! Click employee onboarding software to learn more...

New Hire Onboarding?

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Onboarding Simplified with 321Forms

321Forms employee onboarding software makes your life easier and enhances the life of your new hires. When you hire new employees you want to make a good impression about your organization. From the offer letter, to the new hire orientation, to the form completion, to the new employee training program, you want your new hire employees to feel acclimated, prepared, and taken care of. As part of an extensive onboarding process, 321Forms employee onboarding software takes care of that all important employee new hire that you spent time and money recruiting.

For many organizations, much of their new employee orientation time is taken up talking about or filling out company forms such as the Form I-9, the W-4, direct deposit, health insurance forms, life insurance forms, company handbook acknowledgements, the uniform policy, etc. No more. 321Forms will enhance your employee onboarding experience. Your new hires can jump on 321Forms.com even before their first day on the job and complete all of your organizationís new hire paperwork at their convenience. They can even save their work and return once they have rummaged through the filing cabinet to find their youngest daughterís social security number. Because all of your new hire employeeís information is saved securely on the system and is available 24/7 from any computer with internet, the onboarding employees only need to enter their information ONCE for use in several unique forms. This leaves your employees prepared for their first day and frees up more of your time for you to discuss your employee referral program, employee orientation programs, to give job specific onboarding training, and to get that new hire onboarded in a timely manner.

Our onboarding system, 321Forms saves you time, money and headaches while allowing you to focus on your people, not their paperwork. After your employees enter their information ONCE through 321Forms, you will receive legible, complete, electronically signed and dated forms in an electronic format. Help Buttons located throughout the system will help your employees feel supported throughout the process and answer their questions along the way freeing up time for you to fine tune your onboard process and to deal with other urgent matters. Because we understand that our employee onboarding software will be used by new hires, we have made the system very simple to use, so much so it requires virtually no training new employees. Again this saves your HR staff time and increases your ROI.

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Employee Onboarding Software
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